Some things are destined to be together. Peanut butter and jelly, chocolate and peanut butter....wait a second, do all good things involve peanut butter? Maybe we’re just hungry....anyways, we think Pilatus & Aerista are a pretty great combo.

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Over the past five years Kristy has been an active Aircraft Broker providing brokerage and acquisition services for customers. Kristy enjoys making the sales process as seamless and enjoyable as possible for clients. During Kristy’s time at Aerista she has successfully closed over $XX million of aircraft transactions, and a total of 60 transactions during the volatile year of 2020.

Kristy has been actively involved with the Pilatus PC-12 for almost a decade. Kristy piloted and managed a Pilatus which she flew to many fun locations such as Iceland, South America, Caribbean Islands, Aspen and even the infamous St. Barths. She was an active SIMCOM instructor teaching Pilatus PC-12 courses and the Piper Malibu Series. Today Kristy provides brokerage and acquisition services for Pilatus owners and prospective buyers.

Kristy holds an MBA from the University of Tampa and an Undergraduate Degree in Entrepreneurship. A pilot since the age of 20, Kristy is an ATP rated pilot, CFII/MEI, FAA Gold Seal Instructor, CSIP Instructor and has logged over 8,000 flight hours.

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MPP & Article

In 2018, POPA reached out to Kristy regarding an idea they had in creating a program that would allow owners and operators to search Pilatus PC-12 & PC-24 qualified pilots around the globe. Kristy was an excellent candidate to create such a program due to her experience managing, flying, and teaching in Pilatus Aircraft. Kristy created this program from scratch and in 2019 the POPA Mentor Pilot Program (MPP) was launched! Today, the program is alive and well and managed now by another top Pilatus qualified Instructor Pilot.

Kristy has been the author of a handful of POPA magazine articles:




“I was just thinking of what a wonderful and professional broker that you are. You have been a wealth of information for me and Trey and have always been receptive to our inquiries and complaints. I really appreciate all your efforts and if there is anything that I could ever do for you I hope you ask. If there is another plane down the road for me/us you will be our first point of contact. Thanks so much.”

John - CIRRUS Buyer

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