Personal Jet. Defined.

“The Vision SF50 is the realization of a vision to reimagine and reinvent the jet airplane in order to create a whole new category of aircraft —The Personal Jet. It’s a jet that’s designed to be flown by the owner. Not requiring a full-time professional pilot or a full-blown flight department, the Vision SF50 fills the untapped void between high performance pistons and the Very Light Jet. Simpler to fly and easier to operate and own, the Vision SF50 is truly a revolution in personal transportation. It makes jet performance accessible to pilots and aircraft owners who, up until now, could only dream. Of course, with the exclusive Cirrus Airframe Parachute System™ (CAPS™) the Vision SF50 also sets a new standard in jet aircraft safety.” — Cirrus Aircraft, 2016

Cirrus SF50 Generation 2

Delivery Positions For Sale


* Base prices are subject to CPI increase as of the time of delivery. Optional equipment not included.


Vision Jet FAQ

How is pricing for an SF50 Position determined?

The price of each position is determined by the current owner of the position. It includes the amount of Deposit being held by Cirrus because the Deposit becomes the property of the new owner upon transfer of the position.

What is the total price of the aircraft?

The price of the SF50 aircraft to be delivered by Cirrus is set at $1,490,000, adjusted for the U.S. inflation rate since 2009.  The price will be locked in 12 months prior to projected delivery of each position.

Why do different positions have different deposit amounts?

Original positions all required a $100,000 deposit, held by Cirrus. Over the years, Cirrus allowed position holders to us some, or all, of the deposit to purchase piston aircraft. Accordingly, positions carry different deposit levels, with most at $0, $50,000 or $100,000. This deposit transfers with the position to the new owner.

What are ‘Optional Equipment Credits’?

Cirrus will be offering optional equipment for the SF50. Early position holders have accrued credits toward purchase of optional equipment. These credits are no longer transferable, as of February 2015.

When will the SF50 be available for delivery?

Cirrus has not committed to a firm delivery schedule. The delivery date associated with each position is only an estimate, based on current indications from Cirrus.

What is the ‘Transfer Fee’?

Per the original SF50 position purchase agreement, Cirrus charges $15,000 to transfer ownership of each position.  Typically the seller and purchaser split this fee when a position is sold.


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